Massachusetts County, Casinos Gambling Sales Remain

Massachusetts County, Casinos Gambling Sales Remain

The sales overall in October dropped from $69 million and in September nearly $70 million. They contribute to about $13.2 million in state taxes roulette online, which account for 25% of Encore and MGM’s total gaming revenues and 49% of Plain ridge Park revenues. The casinos run with stringent COVID policies including short hours, restricted gaming tables size and fewer slot machines. Other services, such as restaurants and drinks, accommodation and other entertainment, such as spas and cinemas, were also scaled down.

MGM Springfield created gross gambling revenues last month of $ 10.5 million, according to the Commission’s Monthly Survey. In October this is down from $17.5 million, and last November it was down from close to $20 million.

Meanwhile, the gross gaming sales of $11,8 million declined last month from $17,4 million in October and $24,5 million last November. Plain ridge posted total gaming sales of 7.6 million dollars, down from 10 million dollars in October and nearly 11 million dollars last November.

According to the official website of Cyprus Casinos, Cypriot Casinos, (C2), sponsored by the Asian Melco Resorts and Entertainment Ltd casino operator, have suspended their activities “temporarily” for “health reasons” in accordance with a Government Order from the Republic of Cyprus.

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Operations suspended for health reasons

Cyprus Casino currently manages four casinos in the Mediterranean ethnic Greek: Limassol (pictured); Nicosia; Ayia Napa and Paphos. A major gaming resort – the Mediterranean town of dreams – has been built by the brand in Limassol.

Cyprus is run by Melco Resorts and Cyprus Phassouri, who are the latter conglomerate headquartered in Cyprus. ICR Cyprus Holdings Ltd mmc sgd. The business has a 30-year special authority licence. This is the latest sequence of closures in Cyprus Casinos linked to Covid-19. Only last month, C2 Limassol and C2 Paphos briefly were discontinued as a result of an increase in Covid-19 cases.

The service of casinos is reportedly discontinued until December 31 included, as shown in a release from the state’s Press and Information Office. A curfew for non-essential trips beyond the home within the region, between 9 p.m. and 5 am the following day, is given by a list and is in effect on 11 December, of the steps specified under this text.

Covid 19 countermeasures in shopping malls, hospitality venues and churches had not been relaxed at a Wednesday meeting of the national cabinet, as infections had numbered 40.01, with one death, local media announced. The overall number of infections reported after the onset of the local pandemic was 16,190 by Wednesday.

Around the same time, the study appropriately reflects on ways to cope with gambling problems, which our business as a whole wishes to see. While the problem play average actually stands at about 0.5 percent and has been constant over the last 20 years, according to the government’s own estimates, one problem gambler is one over many.

It is a challenge that needs to be addressed and casinos are eager and able to continue to play our part. But to do this, first of all we need to survive the pandemic of Covid 19 and then have the regulatory conditions that allow us to flourish. Simply put, so many of our consumers are still limited by the outdated legal framework.

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